Jewellery Repair Tools

We offer a very wide range of jewellery repair services using the latest techniques and technologies.  Our team regularly undertake the following:


  • Catches repaired or replaced
  • Chain repairs
  • Stone setting
  • Jewellery cleaning
  • Re-rhodium Plating

  • Engraving
  • retipping claws
  • replacing shanks
  • resizing of rings


Jewellery Restringing

Favourite necklace broken? Our team can  repair Pearl necklaces and other beaded jewellery.  Whether knotted on Cotton, Silk or Nylon, we employ best practice when it comes to restringing your beloved jewellery.  Knotting between each bead or pearl gives optimum strength and security.  Don’t resign your favourite necklace to sitting in the bottom of a jewellery box in pieces!  Let the JRW team restore it to it’s former glory.


Wedding rings shaped to fit engagement rings

When a wedding ring fits in snugly next to the engagement ring, it feels more comfortable and give a unified presentation.  Whether you have yet to purchase an engagement ring, or are acting retrospectively, we can


Paul making silver sample to fit in with an engagement ring