Jewellery Repair Expert Paul

Interview With Paul Our Leading Jewellery Repair Expert

Paul is our lead goldsmith and a true Jewellery Repair Expert. Heading up a team of four goldsmiths, Paul is a very important person in the Jewellery Repair workshop. We conducted an interview with him to ask him a little more about what he does.!

How much experience do you have in jewellery repair?

“I have had a total of 47 years experience in jewellery repair and being a Goldsmith”

When you first started, where did you take courses and study?

“TA Durant Limited doing an apprenticeship as a diamond mounter. It’s been a long road to become a Jewellery Repair Expert though.”

Head Goldsmith Paul

How have things changed since you first started working within the jewellery repair and goldsmith industry?

“Since I first started in the jewellery industry, so many things have changed. We have access to better and more contemporary equipment such as micro-welders and laser machines. There are more components for us to use that are manufactured rather than man-made, so they’re so much better to use, and easily accessible. The more modern equipment and machines we have access too are more accurate, and can allow us to take on bigger, and more complicated work loads.”

What’s your favourite material to work with?

“My favourite material to work with would have to be Gold! Gold is a much more pliable metal,, as opposed to Silver and Platinum that tend to be stiff and less easily worked. ”

Do you find repairing jewellery made of gold is less of a challenge? Or do you take everything in your stride as a Jewellery Repair Expert

“Working with gold is nicer than working with silver or platinum, Gold is much more pliable and is much easier to work with. Silver is a much more conductive metal so soldering a silver ring would be much more difficult than soldering a gold ring. Silver conducts heat much faster so it will heat up the part of the ring you’re not trying to solder, as opposed to gold which will just heat up the section you want to solder.”

Skilled hands of Jewellery Repair Expert Paul

What do you find is the most common repair job you receive in the workshop?

“We sell a lot of rings through our Worcester stores and on-line, so altering a ring to make it the perfect fit is something we probably do the most of.”

What presents a challenge to you in jewellery repair and the goldsmith industry?

“I’ve been faced with many challenges in my work as a goldsmith and jewellery repair specialist, but one of the biggest ones has been repairing a hollow rope chain, that proved extremely difficult, but with the help of tools and equipment, we got the job done perfectly. It is great to feel satisfied with the outcome of a job, and knowing you made a customer happy. In terms of more general jewellery design and goldsmith work, a challenge to me would be hand-making a diamond cluster ring from scratch, they can be be extremely complicated at times!”

What is your favourite part of the job in your work as a gold smith and Jewellery Repair Expert?

“My favourite part of my job, is definitely creating something new from scratch. Creating a new piece of jewellery from nothing but a design and idea is exciting, and seeing the final outcome is one of the best parts. In terms of jewellery repair, one of the best things is seeing something that was once damaged and broken come out like new. Seeing a piece of jewellery look how it once did is extremely satisfying, and knowing you have made a customer happy is always a good feeling.”

What are the advantages of the postal jewellery repair service?

“Our team is made up of extremely experienced and qualified goldsmiths and jewellery repair specialists. Because we are located in Worcester, it may be hard for people in other parts of the country to come in-store and speak to us directly, there-fore our postal repair service allows customers from anywhere in the UK to post their jewellery to us, still receiving the best possible treatment and expertise without doing the travelling!”

Tell me a little about the team you work with

“We come across a lot of different challenges in the workshop. It’s nice to know that I have a jewellery repair experts either side of me. The team all have difference strengths and experience in jewellery repair.”

Celtic Wedding ring being finished by Paul

Thank you Paul!
“You’re Welcome”

If you’ve got a damaged piece of jewellery that you treasure, and want to see back in tip-top condition, don’t hesitate to email us with your questions. We can give you an on-line quote. Jewellery Repair Worcester allows you to use our postal repair service! You simply send us a photo of your damaged item and inform us of the problems

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