Matt Resizing a Ring

Engagement Ring Resizing – Matt shows us the process.

A ring resizing example

We have a few different methods that we use to resize rings. A wedding band will be resized in a different way to a gem-set ring. Each ring is different and this is where the judgement and skill of our goldsmiths comes into play. The following is the process that Matt used to reduce the ring-size of a white gold diamond engagement ring. Other processes or additional stages may be used for other rings. Different materials require a variation of these processes. Resizing is carried out by our team of goldsmiths on a daily basis. Usually this is a result of rings being brought into our Worcester Jewellery Stores, ICE Fine Jewellery and Ian Quartermaine. We are also seeing a rise in the number of ring resizes made via our on-line postal jewellery repair service.

The Stages involved in Diamond Ring Resizing

Heating an Engagement Ring

The ring is heated with a micro-flame to check for any existing joins from previous resizing. The heat oxidises the metal, blackening it, and therefore exposing soldered lines. This ring was a brand new ring and so no joins were exposed. The Flame burns at over 2000F

Using a Micro flame for ring resizing

A small section of the ring is marked and cut out at the back of the ring. This is done with a very fine bladed saw. Experience and a keen eye are key to this part of the process.

Removing a section of ring

A needle file is used to clean up the edges of the removed section. By making the edges parallel it ensures that a clean and strong join will be reached.

Filing a Diamond Engagement Ring

The ends of the ring are carefully, yet firmly, brought together with the aid of a pair of jewellers pliers. Care is taken to make sure the curvature of the ring is maintained.
Resizing a Diamond Ring

Soldering a Ring
Solder and Flux are applied to the join and carefully brought up to temperature. The solder will flow through the join creating a strong bond. A vessel filled with water is used to ensure no damage from heat occurs on the head of the ring.
Soldering a Diamond Ring

Filing the ring
A half-round hand file is used to clean up any excess solder on the join. The idea is to remove as little metal as possible and eventually secure an invisible join.
Filing a diamond ring

The ring is checked on a ring-stick to ensure an outcome of the desired size. Obviously a crucial step in ring resizing.

Checking the ring size

Achieving the perfect finish on a White gold Diamond Ring

Sanding the engagement ring
Sanding the inside of the ring using fine sandpaper on a pendant motor. This removed any marks made by the file and preps the ring for polishing.

Mop and Polish

Grease mop is used in the first stage of polishing. This stage removes the fine scratches made by the sanding process.
Ring polishing

The high speed of this piece of equipment has the potential to alter the finished ring and the experience of our goldsmiths ensures that the integrity of the ring is maintained.

Fine Polish of a Diamond Ring

A different, and finer polish, is made with a softer mop. A high finish is attained.

Polishing the inside of a ring

The inside of the ring is polished with cotton wool. A mirror polish is achieved.

Using the Ultrasonic Bath

The ring is submerged in the ultrasonic bath. This vibrates any small particles of dirt off of the jewellery.

Steam Cleaning a Diamond Ring

Steam cleaning removes any further residue from the ring preparing it for the Rhodium plating process.

Preparing to Rhodium Plate an Engagement Ring

Cleaning salts prepaing a ring for plating

The ring is immersed in cleaning salts. Any grease or contaminates would ruin the plating process. This stage is paramount to the perfect finish

Electrolysis plating process
The process of electrolysis is used to create a thin layer of Rhodium on the gold. This is a process used on all white gold jewellery. The duration of this treatment is essential to get right. Too long and the discolouration will occur. Not long enough and a patchy finish will be evident on the ring resizing.
A ring being Rhodium plated

The finished ring resized by Goldsmith Matt.

Matt with a perfectly resized ring.

The perfectly resized ring will have to pass our quality control before leaving the workshop. A join will not be detectable and the finish is smooth and perfect.

Can our Expert goldsmithing team help you?

If you have a ring that you would like resized then Jewellery Repair Worcester have the skills and experience to provide an expert service. We offer a large huge of jewellery repair and alteration services. Ring resizing is only one of the services we offer. Please get in touch and let us know how we can help. You can use this form here to make a quick enquiry, or call us on 01905 23427 and a member of the team will be happy to help.